Censor CSU’s McSwane? Taser That!

Originally appeared in Fort Collins Now 28 September 2007 Eric Fried What do CSU Collegian Editor-in-Chief J. David McSwane and Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have in common? Without even knowing each other, they teamed up to make the end of September “Free Speech Appreciation Week” and taught us all valuable lessons about our First Amendment. … [Read more…]

City Council Cops an Attitude on 2008 Budget

Originally appeared in Fort Collins Now 21 September 2007 Eric Fried The City Council recently killed a proposed sales tax increase for public safety amid complaints that part of the tax was pure pork for tree-huggers. (Do tree-huggers even eat pork? Aren’t we vegetarians?) Some folks questioned how protecting environmental quality could be considered public … [Read more…]

The Dam Truth About Glade Reservoir

Originally appeared in Fort Collins Now 14 September 2007 Eric Fried If it weren’t for the Poudre River, none of us would be here. Some towns start because they’re on a bay, others because they’re at a railhead, and still others because they are at the crossroads of two trade routes. We’re here because the … [Read more…]