Approved February 6, 2003 at PVGP General Meeting.

1. Name

The name of this organization is the Poudre Valley Green Party (PVGP), a local chapter of the Green Party of Colorado.

2. Purpose and Values

2.1 The mission of the Poudre Valley Green Party is to promote the Ten Key Values of the United States Green Party:

Ecological Wisdom
Social Justice
Grassroots Democracy
Community-based Economics
Respect for Diversity
Personal and Global Responsibility
Future Focus

2.2 The PVGP will promote these values through legislative, electoral, educational, advocacy and community outreach work to impact local, state, national and global issues.

2.3 The Poudre Valley Green Party agrees to accept and abide by the bylaws of the Green Party of Colorado.

3. Membership

3.1 Membership in PVGP is open to anyone regardless of race, gender, religion, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, appearance, or physical ability.

3.2 Membership in PVGP is open to persons registered in Larimer County as a member of the Green Party of Colorado, or registered in a contiguous county that lacks a local chapter of the Green Party of Colorado.

4. Decision-making process

4.1 In all decisions, PVGP will strive to achieve consensus. Failing consensus, decisions shall require a vote of at least 75% of the voting members present at a general or special meeting.

4.2 New members shall become active members, thereby acquiring the right to participate in the consensus decision-making process or vote on local chapter issues at their second PVGP meeting. New members may participate in discussions immediately.

4.3 Members who do not attend at least one PVGP general meeting in a six-month period become inactive, and must follow the process outlined in 4.2 to become active again.

4.4 Active membership of an individual in PVGP can be revoked for failure to abide by the Ten Key Values, for seriously misrepresenting the positions of the PVGP or for disrupting the work of PVGP. An individual must be informed of the potential revocation of membership at least three weeks prior to the vote and have a chance to speak in his or her defense at the meeting when the vote is held.

5. Structure

5.1 PVGP active members shall select a steering committee of at least 3 people to manage the group’s business between General Meetings, to draft the agenda for the General Meetings, and to handle routine administrative tasks. PVGP shall strive for gender balance in selecting its steering committee. The steering committee shall nominate members to fill specialized roles such as spokespeople, new member contact, treasurer, secretary, etc. The nominations shall be brought to the next General Meeting for approval. Steering committee members shall serve for six months or one year, with terms rotated so half the committee is selected every six months. Steering committee members may be recalled for good cause by the membership.

5.2 PVGP active members shall select representatives to the Green Party of Colorado State Council for a one-year term. Council representatives may be recalled for good cause by the membership.

5.3 PVGP may establish other working committees as the need arises.

5.4 Facilitators at each meeting will rotate among members.

5.5 Financial expenditures or commitments greater than $100 must be approved by the membership.

6. Candidates/Endorsements/Coalitions

6.1 PVGP members will be responsible for selecting and/or endorsing candidates for local political office and will be responsible for forwarding those nominations for
ratification to the state nominating convention. Candidates selected must be registered Green in the state of Colorado, embrace the Ten Key Values as a basis for their political decision-making, and meet all state legal requirements.

6.2 PVGP may endorse initiatives, referenda, campaigns and coalitions in keeping with our 10 Key Values and state platform. An endorsement of an issue or coalition requiring the commitment of PVGP resources (money, people, time, etc.) must clearly state the requirements and where the resource will come from.

7. Bylaw Amendments

7.1 A copy of the proposed bylaw amendment shall be given to active members at least one month prior to the meeting in which the amendment is to be considered. A written copy of the adopted bylaws – with any current amendments – will be maintained by the steering committee.

7.2 Any amendment will become effective on the first of the month following ratification.

Bylaws approved February 6, 2003 at PVGP General Meeting.