Why Go Green!

Why Register Green?

Why should voters register Green instead of Democrat, Independent, or Republican? By registering Green you will be casting a special kind of vote. As more voters register Green, the public and the other parties will hear the message that we want informed, courageous candidates who believe in a human future.

Take the issue of the War in Iraq: Republicans followed the President’s war fever, Democrats believed the misinformation, but Greens worked to ring the warning bell from the start. Greens knew what was going on and had the courage to say so while under accusation of disloyalty. Everything they warned about has come to pass.

You can vote Green no matter what you do on election day by registering Green. It is a way you can show your support for a better choice in the future. Vote for more choices in the future–register Green!

Check out the Green Party’s Ten Key Values today and Go Green!