Business Counts, but the Community Rules

Originally appeared in Fort Collins Weekly 21 January 2007 Eric Fried It’s a biennial rite of spring: the proliferating signs in empty lots, the deceptive mailers clogging your mailbox, the candidates knocking on your door. Yup, it’s time for Fort Collins city elections. By now you should have your Fort Collins municipal ballot in your … [Read more…]

Party on, City Council Candidates!

Originally appeared in Fort Collins Weekly 14 January 2007 Eric Fried A specter is haunting City Hall – the specter of political party involvement in officially nonpartisan city council races. Recent mailings sent by the Fort Collins Future Committee urged voters to support the Republican candidates (Troxell and Fries, to no one’s surprise) and misidentified … [Read more…]

What Would Jesus Do About the Menorah?

Originally appeared in the Fort Collins Forum January 2007 Eric Fried I wasn’t going to discuss the magic nine-headed candelabra. I swore I wasn’t. But when I got a letter from my Aunt Marilyn (no, not THAT Marilyn) in Florida asking why Fort Collins was displaying a Christmas tree but no menorah, I knew I … [Read more…]