Let’s Hope Citywide HOA is DOA

Originally appeared in Fort Collins Now 24 August 2007 Eric Fried Apparently some members of our City Council just can’t stand peeling paint. They gaze disapprovingly at the fading glory of aging houses, and the less than luxurious landscaping in the yards of some of our poorer citizens, and tut tut to themselves “Why, there … [Read more…]

Bridge Collapse Shows Why We Need Government

Originally appeared in Fort Collins Now 17 August 2007 Eric Fried When Minnesota’s busiest bridge collapsed during rush hour and plunged into the river, you could hear it all the way in Alaska. Not literally, of course, but when we turned on the TV news during our vacation to check on “the real world,” the … [Read more…]

West Nile Virus Hysteria Flares Up

Originally appeared in Fort Collins Now 11 August 2007 Eric Fried Summer’s winding down, school starts in little over a week (sorry, kids!) and so it’s time for our annual outbreak of West Nile Virus hysteria. Much more prevalent than the disease itself, the virus hysteria turns the brains of many reasonable adults to mush, … [Read more…]