What have the Poudre Valley Greens been up to?

It’s true, we’ve been a little quiet as of late, but we’ve actually stayed quite busy supporting the many wonderful activist projects happening locally and regionally, while at the same time working behind the scenes to strengthen the local chapter. Now, the time has come to ramp up our organizing. We hope you’ll dive in with us and get more involved as we hit the ground—your involvement will make a huge difference!

Candidate for City Council

Fred Kirsch, candidate for Fort Collins City Council for District 6

Fred Kirsch—a long-time registered Green—is running for Fort Collins’ City Council in District 6 (which is located in the northwest part of Fort Collins). This is really exciting, since we haven’t had a Green in the running for local office in quite some time. If you’re at Council meetings regularly you’d recognize him—he’s a regular fixture there and knows the workings of City Council well, so he’s ready to make a difference as soon as he’s elected.

Fred has been involved in local activism for over a decade as founder and Director at CforSE—the Coalition for Sustainable Energy—a local nonprofit working to pass progressive legislation statewide. His campaign is ramping up as we speak so we’re putting out a call for volunteers and donations to help him win. Check out his Facebook page, his website, then please make a donation to him of your time and/or money—only as much as you can afford—to help him shift Fort Collins’ City policy in a Green direction.

Meet and Greet with Fred Kirsch

Come to the Downtown Artery anytime between 6-9pm this Friday March 1st to meet City Council candidate Fred Kirsch in person. Be sure to bring those burning questions… no questions? Come anyway to just chat a bit and meet some of your community members. Check out the Facebook event for the most current info.

Phonebanking for Fred

This Monday, March 4th at 5:30pm, join us at the Old Town Library (201 Peterson St. 80524) in Study Room B for our first “Phonebanking for Fred” night. If you can, please bring a laptop and a mobile phone; we hope to have a few extras on hand but won’t have enough for everyone. If you’re planning to be there please let us know in advance if possible, but do come either way. We’ll be making calls for about an hour… less if you bring a few friends to help!

Full-Time Council Campaign

The Poudre Valley Green Party has endorsed and is actively supporting the “Fort Collins Full-Time Council” City Charter amendment. Why? Because most of us who live in Fort Collins care deeply about our community and—under the right circumstances—would love to be able to serve on City Council to help improve the City. Unfortunately, few of us could afford to do this as we have to also work for a living. The decisions City Council makes affect us all in so many ways; making the position full-time with the proper compensation means Council can give it their full attention, treat it like an actual job, and we can hold them to a high standard of performance.

Ballots should arrive by mail soon and we hope you’ll vote yes” for this amendment, then get involved to help pass this important change to the City Charter. For more information visit the Fort Collins Full-Time Council website.

As you can see, there’s a lot happening behind the scenes with the Poudre Valley Greens—your local Green Party of Colorado chapter for Larimer County. Are you ready to get more involved? If so, great! Please join us, we look forward to meeting you.


The next member meeting is March 11th at 6:30 pm and is open to all local Greens, or those interested in becoming a Green. We meet at the Old Town LIbrary (201 Peterson St. 80524) on the second and fourth Mondays of each month (the specific room may change, check the library’s schedule beforehand). Come sit in on the conversations as we plan for the future.

Contributions are always needed and welcomed, since we do have running costs and project expenses. If you can’t get involved in person we hope you’ll consider supporting us with a small, regular contribution. The easiest way to do this is through the contributions page on our website. Thank you!

In Solidarity,

The Poudre Valley Green Party Leadership