The Sky Won’t Fall if More State Employees Join Unions

Originally appeared in Fort Collins Now 21 November 2007 Eric Fried Listening to the hysterical over-reaction of Colorado conservatives to Governor Ritter’s recent executive order on state employees and unions, you would think he had unlocked the gates of the Tsar’s Winter Palace to allow rampaging Bolshevik mobs to seize power. Businessmen cried foul, Republican … [Read more…]

City’s Holiday Task Force Gets It Right – Government Must be Neutral on Religion

Originally appeared in Fort Collins Now 14 November 2007 Eric Fried Here’s something you don’t hear much right now: the Fort Collins Holiday Display Task Force got it basically right. A diverse group of thoughtful volunteers labored countless hours to come up with an inclusive solution to the city’s dilemma of what to display on … [Read more…]